Baby Naming Events in Washington D.C.

Whether you're throwing an informal baby naming celebration or planning a religious baby naming ceremony, Attention To Detail Event Planning is your event resource. Celebrate your child being born in Washington D.C. with the perfect event.

How Can Party Planners Help With Baby Namings?

From baby naming parties to sedate religious events, a party planner helps you organize the baby naming party of your dreams. This is your chance to welcome your new little one into the world, and we would love to help. You've got a lot to worry about as a new parent, so let us take the reins in planning.

Religious Ceremonies

Though you will plan significant portions of your baby's naming with your spiritual advisor, we will help with any after-party details you need. Have people over for an informal celebration, or organize a catered event at your church or synagogue. We offer services that fit with:

  • Christenings
  • Jewish Baby Namings
  • Thanksgivings
  • Church Blessings

Secular Naming Celebrations

Many parents choose to enjoy a secular baby naming ceremonies. Like weddings, these ceremonies take a few cues from religious traditions, but they do not need a religious component. Not sure where to find an appropriate place in Washington D.C.? We have some great ideas.

Let us help you book the venue and plan the decor for your baby naming ceremony. Many people structure the event with readings, wishes for the child's future, and other heartfelt activities. We can help you with naming ceremony ideas, all the way down to planning and organizing the whole event.

Naming Days

Instead of a formal baby naming ceremony, laid-back baby naming days are what many parents go for. These parties are casual get-togethers so your friends and family can come together and meet the new baby.

Though a naming day is a perfect solution for many families, figuring out how to plan one can be overwhelming for new parents. That's where we come in. We've got great ideas for decor, catering, and activities. You may want to choose a few readings to celebrate the new life in your family, or organize a small formal celebration within the larger party.

What Kind of Naming Ceremony Party Planning Do I Need?

You may have many details in your head already, or you may be starting from scratch. Understand our services so you can choose the right party planner for you.

Day of Baby Naming Ceremony Assistance

If you've already got most of the details down, we'll happily send someone over to make sure the party goes smoothly. After all, you've got guests and a baby to contend with. Let us figure out the decor, set up the food, and help guests figure out where to park.

Personal Baby Naming Party Planning

We'll start from the beginning if you need us to. Leave as many details as you want up to us, including naming ceremony gift ideas for your guests.

Call for Baby Naming Celebration Help

With Attention To Detail Event Planning's party planning services, this important event becomes everything you imagined. Have a Washington D.C. baby naming celebration that you will remember for a lifetime. Remember, you'll want to tell your kids about this eventually, too!