Bridal Showers in Columbia

Before you and your partner say I do, it's customary to have a bridal shower. If you feel like wedding planning is taking up all of your time and you can't spare a second to think about putting together a bridal shower in, Attention To Detail Event Planning is here to help. Whether your bridal shower is big or small, we can give you the assistance you need to make it perfect.

Planning a Bridal Shower Theme

Bridal showers are a chance for you to get creative with your theme. Therefore, bridal shower ideas are almost endless. Think about activities you enjoy or your personal style when you're deciding on a theme. If you love casual days outside, perhaps you'd like an outdoor picnic at your favorite park. If you're more traditional, you can plan a party that includes appetizers, cocktails, and sweet treats. Other themes or ideas include:

  • Lingerie party
  • Travel shower
  • Holiday shower
  • Recipe shower

Choosing a Bridal Shower Venue

Picking out bridal shower venues might seem as complicated as finding the right wedding venue, but don't let it stress you out. There are plenty of interesting venues in Columbia that are perfect for bridal showers. If you're having a small party, your home will work just fine. However, if you'd like to leave the cleanup to someone else, consider a restaurant, café, or tearoom. Other venue options include:

  • Hotels
  • Country clubs
  • Parks
  • Banquet halls
  • Community centers
  • Spas
  • Ballrooms
  • Galleries

Sending the Bridal Shower Invitations

Traditional bridal showers include all female members of the couple's families, as well as bridesmaids, girlfriends, and any other women invited to the wedding. However, you don't have to stick with traditional for your bridal shower. You can decide to have a more intimate party and have bridal shower invitations sent to just family members or girlfriends. Another possibility is throwing a wedding shower that the couple attends together with their close friends and family.

Putting Together the Bridal Shower Menu

Sometimes the painless way to create the bridal shower menu is to plan it around the theme of the party. If you're putting together a travel-themed shower, consider having samples of food from around the world. You can also make the shower a potluck and have each guest bring some component of the meal. Or, since bridal showers are all about the bride, prepare a menu with some of her favorite meals.

Planning Bridal Shower Games

Bridal shower games are a fun way to make your party memorable, and you don't have to stick to generic games that everyone is familiar with. Instead, come up with two or three games that get everyone involved. A few entertaining options include:

  • Scavenger hunt in your purse
  • Who Said It with quotes from the bride and her partner
  • Wedding trivia
  • Bridal Pictionary
  • Guess the cake flavor

Contact Us for Help Planning Your Bridal Shower

No matter what size or theme you're thinking about for your Columbia bridal shower, we can help you get all the details right. Call Attention To Detail Event Planning today to learn more about our bridal shower services.