Corporate Holiday Planning in Bowie

Don't have time to plan your big holiday party this year? Turn to Attention To Detail Event Planning for all your corporate event planning needs!

A memorable office holiday party lets your employees know just how much they mean to you and to the company. Whether you operate a small business, a startup, or a large corporation, our event coordinator services can handle every detail.

How Can a Holiday Event Coordinator Help?

A professional event coordinator specializes in planning diverse types of events. In many cases, an event planner may only focus on a particular area, such as wedding planning. Others focus on corporate events. At Attention To Detail Event Planning in Bowie , we have many years of experience in corporate event planning, which includes the quintessential office holiday party.

We work with you to:

  • Create a budget. When you hire an event planner, you can get more value for your money simply because we have a large network of vendors and providers that offer us discounts. We will stick to your established budget while still providing an exceptional holiday party experience.
  • Set a date. Since more holiday parties are held in December, you'll want to hire your event planner earlier in the year. We can then decide which date will work best for both you and your employees. In general, Fridays and Saturdays are great options, but more companies are holding their holiday parties Thursday evenings.
  • Make the guest list. The number of guests you invite is determined by your budget. You may only be able to afford to have your employees attend a party thrown in the office. If you have a bigger budget, it's easier to invite employee spouses and families.
  • Select the venue. Again, budget will be a deciding factor in the venue. Businesses on a tight budget tend to throw holiday parties in the office, which is perfectly acceptable. Planning an off-site event, however, is a refreshing way to spend quality time getting to know your team. Attention To Detail Event Planning has worked with various office party venues in Bowie , and we're happy to make suggestions!
  • Choose the vendors. Your office party caterer should be selected as soon as possible to ensure your event is a success. We can suggest caterers, florists, photographers, and entertainers depending on your needs, theme, and budget.
  • Pick a theme. Deciding on the theme of your office holiday party is one of the best parts. You can go with something classic like Winter Wonderland or White Christmas, or something more creative like Victorian Holiday or Candy Land. Even if you're stuck on the theme, we can offer plenty of corporate Christmas party ideas.

We're also happy to help plan the holiday menu and bar service, design and send the invitations, help incorporate awards into the event, and manage the party the day of. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the office party with your staff.

Call Attention To Detail Event Planning to Plan Your Next Corporate Party

Planning an office party in Bowie doesn't have to be a chore. Call Attention To Detail Event Planning to learn how we can make your event stand out!