Fundraising Events in Bowie

Looking for a professional event coordinator to handle your next fundraising event? Attention To Detail Event Planning has the experience and connections needed to successfully execute your fundraising plan!

Corporate event planning is a specialized skill few event coordinators understand. Attention To Detail Event Planning, however, specializes in corporate events. We're the team you want in your corner when your own corporate fundraising ideas run dry.

How Can a Corporate Event Coordinator Help?

Pulling off a successful fundraiser is no easy feat. That's why many corporations hire their own full-time event coordinators to take care of everything from office holiday parties to conferences. But what if you're a smaller business?

At Attention To Detail Event Planning, we work with many types of businesses — large and small — to help them plan and manage the perfect fundraising event. Our innovative corporate fundraising ideas have helped raise money for charities, corporate activities, and employees in need. Here is just a sample of what our fundraising plan can do for you:

  • Decide on a goal. Why are you raising money? How much money will you need? When do you need the money by? Are you setting up a long-term fundraiser or is there an immediate need, such as a contribution to an employee's medical bills? Your goal will also consist of your mission. For example, if you're an organization running an annual fundraiser, what is the message your charity is trying to convey?
  • Determine the approach. There are many ways to ask for money. These include telemarketing, individual giving, group donations, grants, online fundraisers, and direct mail. Fundraising events, however, are wildly successful because both you and the donors are engaged in the giving activity. You can also combine tactics to maximize fundraising opportunities.
  • Help pick your team. Every fundraiser needs team members. With corporate fundraisers, these are usually employees. You can also ask for volunteers or hire a professional team. Formal banquets, for instance, require professional wait staff, caterers, and entertainers. Attention To Detail Event Planning can help you decide which option is best for your event.
  • Marketing. No fundraiser is ever successful without a good marketing strategy. We can assist you with all marketing aspects of the fundraiser and help rev up excitement around the event.

What Type of Event Coordinator Should I Consult?

There are many types of event coordinators in Bowie , but few who specialize in corporate event planning. At Attention To Detail Event Planning we have years of experience throwing fundraising events, including:

  • Walk-a-thons
  • Cook-offs
  • Banquets
  • Raffles
  • Tournaments
  • Auctions
  • Casino nights
  • Family fun days
  • Talent shows
  • Variety shows
  • Carnivals

With our network of Bowie venues, photographers, caterers, florists, and entertainers, we often get discounts that we pass along to you, which helps you meet your fundraising goal even sooner.

Contact Attention To Detail Event Planning for Expert Assistance With Your Next Fundraiser

When you decide to hold a fundraiser, give us a call. With enough time, we can plan the most fruitful event your company has ever seen. We have the corporate fundraising ideas and know-how to help you reach your goal. Call Attention To Detail Event Planning in Bowie to learn more.